What is it?

FuturePace® is a strategic decision-making tool which incorporates a method and process for predicting and anticipating future business. This can be applied to any business where demand is not controlled and supply is limited. Future business is broken out by citywide activity, location specific activity (Convention Center, Downtown, hotel types) including number of attendees, number of room nights used and number of groups.  This approach is very different than that used by other firms where they only look at the past – not the future.

Your destination will receive comprehensive reports that will show whether or not you are on-track to meet your goals up to eight years into the future. Results can be shown by year, by month and a total of 96 data points. Reports are produced either monthly or quarterly.

FuturePace® uses a computer-based process utilizing algorithms developed by Dr. George G. Fenich. It uses data specific to the destination being studied, providing the competitive advantage of being location specific. No results are extrapolated from national data.

The algorithm analyzes decision making patterns of groups to that destination and regression analysis whereby convention room nights consumed are the dependent variables. The report gives the user a picture of room night consumption your destination can/should do.  It also points out demand periods and compression:  information invaluable to DMO’s and their hotel partners.

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