Destination Attractiveness is a sophisticated mathematical approach to calculate overall performance goals for destination marketing organizations.  This model compares your city to 140 destinations across the United States along 60+ unique scales.

Destination Attractiveness City Comparison (DACC) evaluates your destination compared to the entire convention market and to your 'comp set' of destinations.

Destination Attractiveness Mathematical Market Metrics (DAMMM) establishes potential performance goals for your destination.  DAMMM can also be used to determine the ideal ‘hospitality infrastructure’ needed to support those goals such as hotel inventory, convention center size, airlift, number of restaurants, etc.

Contact us to find out how your destination can take advantage of this powerful tool that not only assists you strategically, but also reinforces your organization's value to those both within and outside the industry.

Currently, more than 50 destinations around the world are using the Destination Attractiveness model to their advantage. Why wait any longer?

List of attractors/variables

Other uses:

What If Analysis
- who would be new comp set

Infrastructure Changes
-exanded convention center, added hotel inventory, decreased air lift

Ideal Level of Hospitality Infrastructure
-hotel inventory (quantity and level of service), convention center size, airlift, number of restaurants, etc.

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