Fenich & Associates LLC represents the next step in an evolutionary process begun over 30 years ago.  Dr. Fenich has gathered a team of industry experts to provide the hospitality industry in general, and Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO’s) in particular, the research they need to make strategic business decisions.

Destination Attractiveness Analysis

This unique approach provides clients with the ability to compare their destination to the national market and to their ‘comp set’ on the elements most critical in attracting and servicing different segment of visitors, with a focus on meetings and conventions. Additionally, clients will be able to set performance targets (goals) based on attractiveness of destination.


With this model, clients will have the ability to see the future, rather than the past. They will be able to determine, well in advance, if they are on track to meet performance goals.

Other Research and Consulting

Fenich & Associates LLC will also perform other research designed to meet the specific needs of individual clients.

As our ultimate goal is to seek the truth with empirically-based analysis, the mantra of Fenich & Associates is ‘the data doesn’t lie.’

Fenich & Associates LLC
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